Welcome one and all to the world of Gar'Am! Gar'Am is a little blue marble in an inconspicuous galaxy in one of many universes. Gar'Am is a beautiful world where everything seems exaggerated compared to the world we know. Forests are not just dense areas of trees, they are vast swaths of dark green towers of wood standing from twenty from two hundered feet high, filled with countless lurking creatures and hidden secrets. The deserts hold countless sandy dunes, blistering rays, frigid nights, and contless ruins of civilizations gone by under its sands. The oceans are as deep as the waters are dangerous, filled with creatures who have never seen the light of day, nor been seen by the eyes of man. The high mountains shoot up, threatening to cut the sky as the world turns. Gar'Am is a beautiful world full of art and natural wonder, an exciting world filled with challenges and adventures to be had, and a dangerous world filled with peril and death. Gar'Am is not all that it seems though, deep below the suface of the world lies The Great Dungeon, seemingly endless and ever changing, sprawling the entire undeground. Some believe that Gar'Am's core is not a molten center like other life sustaining planets, but instead a great creature, sleeping at the dungeons center, waiting for a worthy challenge. Many have entered The Great Dungeons, and many have survived, but not without storys of horror and struggle. My friends, I welcome you to the wonderful world of Gar'Am, or as many like to call it, The Dungeon World.

The world of Gar'Am